Here’s What Passengers on the Titanic Ate Before The Iceberg

Obviously, when we say “iceberg” we’re not talking about lettuce.


If the 1997 film is to be trusted, life for first-class passengers aboard the Titanic was one of caviar-topped, champagne-splashed luxury. Although things didn’t exactly end on a high note, it was fun while it lasted.

Shedding light on their pampered lifestyle are photos of authentic breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus making the rounds on Twitter. 

First-class passengers were served only the best. For lunch, they had their pick of consommé fermier (scrambled eggs with asparagus), fillets of brill, chicken à la Maryland, corned beef, and cockie leekie (chicken with leeks). The buffet included extravagances like corned ox tongue, galantines of chicken, and an assortment of cheeses, including Cheshire and Roquefort.

What a delicious way to go down. 

In addition to the richness above, first-class diners would’ve been able to top off their meals with a delicious Punch Romaine composed of egg white, white rum, white wine, champagne, orange and lemon juice and a dash of simple syrup. 

Regrettably, not all passengers experienced such luxury. For third-class passengers, breakfast was decent at best: oatmeal porridge, ham and eggs, and smoked herring, among others. Lunch was worse, with rice soup, roast beef, and boiled potatoes. The dinner menu offered nothing more than biscuits, gruel, and cheese.

But hey, at least they got Rose in the end. 

h/t Travel + Leisure