Here’s Your First Look at Images from Marvel’s Jessica Jones

And they’re everything we hoped for. 

The world can finally put a face to the name, as Netflix released new images from upcoming Netflix series, Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Krysten Ritter stars as the title character, who is slowly recovering from her stint as an acclaimed superhero. This is our first glimpse at Ritter in the role, and though there aren’t any shots of her all suited up, the rookie detective looks like she knows how to handle herself (and can give some serious side-eye). Geek out at the other photos below, which features co-stars David Tennant, Rachael Taylor, Carrie-Ann Moss, and Mike Colter (who will be starring in his own superhero series, Luke Cage). 

David Tennant as ‘Kilgrave’: a mind-controlling supervillain and enemy to Jessica Jones, said to mirror Daredevils Wilson Fisk. 

Krysten Ritter as ‘Jessica Jones’ and Rachael Taylor as ‘Trish Walker’: Though originally starting off as Jessica’s best friend and confidant, we’re hoping things take a turn for the awesome and turn Trish into superheroine, Hellcat before the end of season 1. 

Carrie-Ann Moss as ‘Harper’ and Krysten Ritter as ‘Jessica Jones’: Friend or foe? Whoever Carrie Ann Moss is set to play looks like a serious force to be reckoned with. Chances are Moss might pull out some ‘Trinity’ takedowns if things go awry.

Mike Colter as ‘Luke Cage’: Our first look at ‘Can Kill You With One Punch’ Cage makes us think this is before the experiment that grants him his super strength and invulnerability. Cool powers aside, it looks like he can still make a mean Jack and Coke. 

Marvel’s Jessica Jones will be available for binge-watching pleasure on November 20th. 

Photos by Netflix