Hey Guys, What’s Your Favorite Irish Bar? Tell Us In The Comments!

St. Patty’s Day is coming, and we need to know!

Photo: UpperCut Images / Getty Images

We hope you didn’t give up getting drunk off your face for Lent this year, because one of the biggest drinking days of the spring is almost upon us. Monday, March 17 is St. Patty’s Day, and whether you’re celebrating this weekend or going hardcore and hitting the bars on the actual day of, you (and we) will need a kick-ass Irish watering hole or seven at which to drink. So, tell us: Where’s the best place for a liter of green beer, a pint of Guinness, a car bomb, and a shot of Jameson? Whether it’s Paddy Reilly’s in NYC, the Hairy Lemon in Dublin, or just your local generic Maggie McDeepFried O’Sports pretend-Irish dump that is, for some weird reason, still amazing, let us know in the comments below. 

Tell us know the following:

1. The name of your favorite Irish bar and where it is (City, State, Country)

2. What’s so good about it. Is it the drinks? The service? The food? The staff’s willingness to look the other way when you use the jukebox as a toilet? Tell us!

3. A story about a great night out you had there. It can be anything from simply being the best pint of Guinness you ever drank to a story involving a visiting Swedish massage team and an escaped circus elephant.

If we like your choice of bar and/or your story, we’ll run it in an article next week, so get writing – time’s a tickin’, you boozy leprechauns! 

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