Here's How to Discover Thousands of Secret Netflix Genres You Didn't Even Know Existed

It's easier than you think.
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Sometimes it's hard to find something decent to watch on Netflix. How often do you open up the app, scroll through a few rows, and turn it off before settling on some terrible sitcom marathon on cable?

Flounder no more — there's a way to narrow down the seemingly endless parade of movies so that you might be able to find something you actually want to watch.

Gizmodo has shared a hack that you can use only if you're watching Netflix via web browser. If you take a look at the URL, which looks something like this:, you'll see a number at the end there. The number is actually what categorizes the genres available from the service.

Choose a new number code from this website, replace it in the URL, and navigate to the new site. Presto! You're now able to surf specific genres, tailor-made for your viewing habits. Because as great as Netflix can be with suggestions, sometimes it's also downright terrible at guessing what you might want to watch next.