Tom Hiddleston Does His Robert De Niro Impression in Front of Robert De Niro

Can Loki pull off Raging Bull?

English actor Tom Hiddleston has picked up some major viral cred over the years with his spot-on celebrity impressions—notably Chris Evans, Owen Wilson, and Christopher Walken. But that cred went up in the air on last night’s The Graham Norton Show when Hiddleston subjected himself to the ultimate litmus test of his abilities.

Sitting beside none other than Robert De Niro, Hiddleston thought it would be endearing to try his De Niro impression, with lines from Heat. “I kind of enjoy it. Especially if they do it well,” forewarns De Niro. De Niro then reclines in his chair, clasps his hands, and adopts his trademark inscrutable squint. Hiddleston steels himself for probable humiliation while audience members wait for him to be punished for his hubris.

Watch the video to see if Hiddleston was able to pull off the impossible: