9 Upscale Edibles For Your High-End High

These are WAY better than your buddy’s pot brownies.


In the parts of the country where recreational marijuana has been legalized, the edible market is flourishing.

Welcome to the future, where edibles aren’t just about ashy-tasting rice crispy treats and brownies that will knock you on your ass anymore. Now delicious products from master chefs are carefully dosed to give you just the high you want.

These products look and taste great while giving you the relief or relaxation you’re looking for. It’s almost enough to make you want to give up your other methods of consumption.

We’ve gathered nine really high-end varieties on the market for you to look at, because whether you’re looking to give a gift of chocolates or just have a little something extra in your cup of coffee, edibles should be part of your life right now.

To Whom It May Chocolates


Chocolates may seem like an obvious choice, but the best ones are hard to beat for edible experiences. The ultimate box of chocolates from To Whom It May comes with 24 pieces. They’ve divided among the brand’s four flavors: hazelnut butter truffle, cherry cayenne bonbon, hazelnut brandy bonbon, and smoked almond butter truffle. You’ll get one of each at four different strengths, and two extras with a zero dosage. $230

Pot d’Huile


Cooking with weed can be a tedious and messy process—and a smelly one. Pot d’Huile isn’t just an easy alternative to making your own; it’s actually a quality, flavorful option for cooking at home. It takes the guess work out of dosage: with them it’s a milligram per milliliter, and they’ve created a process that gets rid of those potent and off-putting flavors you’d probably get at home. $43 for 100ml

Marigold Sweets


Marigold Sweets looks at their confection and cannabis work through the slow-food lens. They use premium ingredients to create some of the most beautiful looking (and tasty-looking) chocolates we’ve seen. These might be your best bet for gifting–they’re certainly instagram-worthy. $36

Breez Mints


Somebody else has a trademark on “curiously strong,” but we’re pretty sure that term applies to Breez Mints. Think of them as the cannabis-lover’s breath freshener. These are great for microdosing: 2.5 milligrams per mint is an ideal not-too-much dose through the day. They come in regular and cinnamon flavors. $15 for a box of 42

Lord Jones Sweets


Lond Jones is another excellent high-end candy maker with a great portfolio of chocolates. But forget that for a moment, because we want to direct your attention to their non-chocolate candies. From delicious gum drops (above) to espresso chews, there’s just a lot of diversity in their flavors. Chocolates melt, but these candies will keep their shape longer, especially for, say, summer music festivals? Speaking of, they’ve got a special berry release with Icelandic band Sigur Rós that we suggest you look for. $30

4.20 Bar


Cannabis-infused chocolates aren’t anything new (just look at this list) but we like 4.20 Bar for their fun, easy-going branding. Cookies and cream is just one of the newer flavors, and one of the ones that reminds us most of childhood. There are plenty of approved medical uses for cannabis, but iIf there’s a better way to kick back and enjoy some cartoons (and medicate a hangover) we really can’t think of it. $15

Legal Sodas and Tonics


Okay, it may not be edible, but we think you’ll forgive us for including beverage options on this list. Legal sodas and tonics are a 10mg dose of liquid cannabis within the confines of a flavored beverage.They have cherry, lemon ginger, and pomegranate flavors, with coffee beverages coming soon. Don’t try and polish off a whole six pack yourself. $10

Happy Chews


Happy chews are a little less buttoned up than some of the gift-worthy candies we’ve covered in this list, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from giving them a try yourself. The fruit flavors are evocative of Starbursts or saltwater taffy or… well, you get the idea. They’re made by a third generation candy maker, and come in a range of flavors including tropical and berry. Oh, and they’re low dose, so you don’t need to find a seat before enjoying one. From $5

Jane’s Brew Coffee


Jane’s Brew makes a range of brewable and ready-made beverages, but we’re going to direct you straight to their cannabis-infused coffees. In addition to standard vacuum-packed ground coffee they also make “cups” that are designed for single serving machines (they probably can’t say what brand but you can figure it out yourself, K?). They come in a variety of doses, so you can take the edge off while waking up or just brew yourself into a relaxed state for the morning. From $33