High School Football Players Tackle Referee

Nice going, guys…

We’ve all gotten pissed at a referee over a bad call and have yelled some things we’re not proud of. It happens. But two Texan high school football players took things way too far Friday night.

In a shocking video uploaded to YouTube, two players from John Jay High School in San Antonio can be seen tackling a referee after he has dismissed two of their teammates. A first player charges the official and knocks him to the ground before a second leaps on top of him. The whole thing went down with only a minute left in the game, and, unsurprisingly, John Jay still lost the game to Marble Falls High School 15-9.

The two players, who have yet to be identified, have since been suspended from the team and could face further punishment. Austin Football Officials Association secretary Wayne Elliott told The Associated Press, “The first thing we want is that those two kids never play football again.” Elliot continued that the referee was “very upset” and was looking to press charges.

Until then, the ire of the Internet should be punishment enough.