Highland Park 15 Year Scotch

Time for a little Park and recreation.

We love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. There it goes down, down into our bellies….

Oh Highland Park 15 Year Scotch, you make us want to go commando, paint our faces blue and slaughter some damn English.

Like rain on your wedding day, or ten thousand knives when all you need is a spoon (right?), this whisky offers one of life’s great ironies: The one Scottish single malt with “Highland” in its name comes not from the majestic mountains in the country’s north — a region which, incidentally produces plenty of quality tiple— but from Orkney, the remote archipelago even further north, a land of wind-whipped hills, sturdy sheep, and a rich Viking heritage. What all that has to do with distilling such a distinguished product is a mystery, but Highland Park is one of the best. In fact, some consider it the best whisky in the world! This 15-year-old bottling has the smoke and peatiness of the best Islay malts, but laced through with the smooth vanilla sweetness of your favorite Speyside. You’d almost hate to dilute this Caledonian ambrosia, but if you need a drop or two of water we won’t judge you (yes we will.) Is it pricey? Well, $80 isn’t nothing, but it’s a lot cheaper than an airplane ticket to Orkney, and it’s oh so worth it.

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