Highland Park Freya

She’s one goddess of a whisky…literally!

She’s Highland Park Freya!

The third installment in Highland Park’s Valhalla Series, Freya (the Norse goddess of love, fertility, and battle), is as beautiful as she is fierce.

We got to taste the highly anticipated Scotch in her home at the Highland Park Distillery in Orkney…

And we can gladly report that you’re not gonna want to miss this. 

Her nose is sweet, with both creamy (vanilla and almond) and fruity (cherries and melon) features, but boy is she deceiving: What followed the nose was an intense taste of fire and peat. Floral palate notes like orange blossom and rose petal sneak in to the peaty taste, but ultimately, this spirit is a rollercoaster ride that feels mostly like falling from the top. 

With an ABV of 51.2%, you might feel like you really are on one after a nip or three. Start saving up your allowance because Freya’s MSRP is $275, and it will hit U.S. shelves in the next few weeks. Are you pumped?!?