Watch the Raunchy New Red Band Trailer For ‘Fist Fight’ With Ice Cube and Charlie Day

Careful with that ax, Cube.

In the upcoming comedy Fist Fight, Ice Cube and Charlie Day are high school teachers set to go to battle on the last day of the school year

Day plays English teacher Andy Campbell, who is losing it as the seniors prank the hell out of everyone. In the process he runs afoul of Ice Cube‘s Ron Strickland, and Strickland loses his job. That’s when it’s on, and all the students are more than ready to witness the battle.

In this new red band trailer we get a raw look at just how intense the senior pranks are but more than that, the fuller picture of just how much trouble Day’s character may be in as Cube wields an ax and generally does what he does best, look like a scowling badass. 

Fist Fight turns the whole Three O’Clock High thing on its head with the teachers as combatants and looks like a hell of a lot of fun. It hits theaters on February 17.