Here Are All The Most Lethally Cool Locales Featured in ‘Hitman: Season One’

Go on a worldwide killing spree courtesy of everyone’s favorite new assassin game.

The latest Hitman game took a new strategy on the classic gameplay by introducing new levels and episodes on a monthly basis for the better part of last year. Now that the first season of episodes have run their course, Square Enix is releasing them all on a single disc, a la DVD Box Set, inviting you to “enter a world of assassinations” by taking on the role of Agent 47 once again to do some globetrotting with a garrote. 

 Here are the exotic locales of Hitman Season One where you’ll be exercising your itchy trigger finger.

Episode One.

Paris, France

The City of Lights’ population will be a bit smaller once it sees your particular brand of deadly. Agent 47’s first mission of the game – not including the tutorial flashback at The Agency – picks up where Hitman: Absolution left off and assigns you with taking out two MI:6 operatives. Walking in, you’ll notice the spectacular views and architecture that Paris is known for. Walking out, you’ll leave a trail of death.

Episode 2.

Verrenza, Italy

Hitman’s second episode takes place in a fictional Italian town called Sapienza, presumably on the Amalfi coast. Some sleuthing around informed us that Sapienza is actually based on a real Italian coast town called Verrenza. Even though it’s a few hundred miles away from the actual Amalfi coast, Verrenza is on the eastern Mediterranean, near Cinque Terra, outside of Florence. And it’s just as stunning in real life as it is when you’re looking out on it through the scope of Agent 47’s sniper rifle.

Episode 3.

Marrakesh, Morocco

The hustle of the marketplace in Marrakesh is a unique characteristic of the Moroccan city. It’s also great cover when you’re trying to blend into the crowd to stalk a target, especially if that target is a CEO is a fraud who embezzled billions and then fled to northern Africa. There’s an undeniable Casa Blanca vibe in episode three, even if the body count is much higher.

Episode 4.

Bangkok, Thailand

Hitman’s fourth episode takes you to the shores of the Chao Phraya River in Thailand. Our own visits to Bangkok have left us feeling nearly as dead as 47’s victims so taking on a contract in the Venice of the East felt almost like a leisurely stroll as we stealthed our way through a lux hotel to collect the head of a girlfriend-murdering indie rockstar who’s celebrating his 27th birthday.

Episode 5.

Colorado Springs, USA

We won’t lie, when it comes to our favorite city in Colorado, Aspen is tops with Denver being a close second but any city tucked into the Rocky Mountains are going to have a certain, distinct appeal. In real life, the high altitude and mountainous scenery provide a peaceful oneness with nature. In Hitman, they’re just a means to a better vantage point for taking shots at your mark.

Episode 6.

Hokkaido, Japan

Even the operating rooms in Hokkaido have cherry blossoms if Hitman is to be believed. Actually being in Hokkaido during Cherry Blossom season makes that feel like a plausible creative choice. 47 marches into the picturesque Japanese landscape with single-mindedness and does as much damage to the zen of his surroundings as we did to that Yakuza lawyer who was our target.