Watch a Junior Hockey Player Get Arrested on the Ice After Attacking a Ref

He spit in the ref's face, too.
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Police in Quebec hauled a 21-year-old junior hockey player off the ice in cuffs on Sunday after the kid went berserk on a linesman, throwing him to the ground and spitting in his face. As you know, that’s how you treat opposing players in hockey, not referees. 

Little is known about what set off Olivier Marcotte, a forward for the Junior AA Hockey-Experts, but it's easy to guess. Marcotte's team was down 9-3 in a playoff game when he lost it. His team's season was nearly done and as a 21-year-old, his junior hockey career would end with it. 

Apparently this kind of outburst isn't all too uncommon for players aging out of the junior hockey circuit. As such, Marcotte was released and didn't have to go to jail. But that doesn't mean it wasn't dumb. As the coach of the opposing team told Le Journal de Montreal (as translated by Google), "Having a criminal record for hockey, it's not worth the trouble."

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