Hockey Ref Sends Shawn Horcoff to the Penalty Box Because He Said So

It seems that you just “can’t do” whatever the Dallas Star player did.

With the MLB playoffs, the NFL regular season, and the halfway point of the college football season approaching, it’s easy for the young hockey season to get lost in the mix. However, it’s definitely not a good time to be phoning it in – especially if you’re running the game. In the second period of the Capitals game at Dallas, Shawn Horcoff was whistled for a penalty by referee Mike Leggo. Horcoff protested, but was dismissed by the ref who got on the mic to make the best (and possibly laziest) penalty call in the history of hockey. Namely, a call for “you can’t do that.” 

We’d like to see anyone try to argue with that call. Here’s to you, crabby Mike Leggo. Your job is to know what can and can’t be done, and you’ve certainly completed it. We can only imagine what’s next…