This Goon Getting His Tooth Knocked Out Is the Best Reason to Watch Hockey

Kevin Bieksa is one chomper short after this punch to the mouth. 
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Some people watch hockey because they love the game, and the unique combination of speed, power and grace its best players possess. Others just like to watch dudes get punched in the face.

Count us among the latter. That’s why we love this scrap that happened during last night’s game between the Predators and Ducks.

In the white is Kevin Bieksa, a Anaheim defenseman and total goon. In the yellow is Mike Fisher, a Nashville forward and Carrie Underwood’s husband. And floating through the air for a brief moment after Fisher’s fist connects with Bieksa’s mouth is a tooth.

We’ve seen some speculation among hockey fans that the floating white body is a fake tooth that took up residence in Bieksa’s mouth after he lost the real one. No matter. Who cares if the teeth are fake as long as the punches are real? And until the NHL wises up and bans fighting alltogether, the punches will be real and we'll be watching. 

Photos by John Russell / Getty Images