Holly Holm Asked Beyoncé What Her Name Was When Jay Z Introduced Them

Say your name, say your name. 

Holly Holm, the sports stuff person who has done a lot of sports stuff recently (JUST KIDDING, I can Google names too) recently ran into Jay Z in Las Vegas after the Miguel Cotto vs. Canelo Alvarez fight and fell into a black hole of awkwardness for a few minutes. Apparently, after Jay Z greeted her in the arena’s backstage area he was like “This is my wife,” and Holm was like “Oh, hi, what’s your name?” This is a cardinal sin on two levels: 1) Why would you ever introduce your wife Beyoncé as just “this is my wife,” and not “this is the hottest queen in the world, Beyonce, who I’m sure you know because you’re alive?” and 2) I don’t care how many times you’ve been punched in the head, you KNOW Beyoncé’s name. 

To her credit, Holm quickly recovered from the embarrassing blunder and apologized to Beyoncé.

Here’s video of Holm describing the mishap in her own words: 

h/t Complex

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