Claire Danes Can’t Stay Away From the CIA in the New Homeland Season 5 Trailer

A massive cyberattack lures Carrie Matheson back into the spy racket after a brief retirement.

The official full-length trailer for HomelandSeason 5 is here, demonstrating once again that the Showtime drama is one of the most current shows on television.

In the two years since Season 4 left off, Carrie Matheson (Claire Danes) has quit being a deadbeat mom, left the CIA, and is back on her meds. She’s in a new city (Berlin), with a new job (something in the private sector) and a new man (Alexander Fehling). But not for long! A massive cyberattack  and coaxing from a new character (Sarah Sokolovic) lure her back in. “You can take the girl out of the CIA…. “ says Carrie’s new friend.

Based on the trailer alone, it’s unclear exactly who the bad guys are:  are they the German hackers or the government? Showtime president David Nevins told reporters at TCA earlier this month that Homeland‘s fifth season would address the Edward Snowden leak – and Vladmir Putin, and ISIS, and Charlie Hebdo.

Carrie will no doubt have a lot on her plate, as she reunites with her mentor Saul, who is presumably in Berlin to investigate the a cyberhack that accessed sensitive CIA files. Quinn (Rupert Friend) is still in the picture, but not as Carrie’s lover, and appears to have become an even more ruthless assassin. That’s one way to channel your anger.

Homelandreturns to Showtime on Oct. 4. Watch the new trailer here:

Photos by Showtime