Horrifying Hunger Games: The Worst Eating Contest Disasters

We hope you haven’t eaten yet.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is in theaters, and the hungry masses are lining up. But alas, there isn’t much for them in this picture (it’s mostly love, action, rebellion, and other dumb stuff like that). In fact, there’s very little food involved in these games at all, and that, my friends, is not what America is about. In fact, we’re about lots of food. Like way too much food for one person. So, in honor of the not-so-filling Hunger Games sequel, we’ve compiled the worst disasters from feats of eating endurance that we can gather.

Ridiculously Hot Chili Eating Contest

We know a little something about chowing down on super-spicy peppers, and therefore can attest that this fucking sucks. The Brits make their way up an escalating scale of terror, starting with the lowly Jalapeño, all the way up to the Moruga Scorpion and Seven Pot chili. The lone lady puts up a good effort lasting through the Nagas, and the larger gentleman has a hell of a performance losing his lunch. If you just want to see him spew, skip to 2:30, you gross jerk.

Chicken Wing Knockout

There has never been a man as deserving of a punch in the face as this guy, at least at a chicken wing eating contest. The shirtless (there are a lot of events that call for shirtlessness, but chicken wing eating contests are definitely not among them) “gentleman” reaches over to shake his competitor’s head at the outset of this video, and after his counterpart is crowned King of the Wing, he proceeds to pants our hero. But every man can only take so much, and this sends his majesty over the edge, cold-cocking his pal and sending him to the floor without a second thought, then going directly back to celebrating. Long live the king.

Warhead Challenge

A YouTube phenomenon by the regal and classic name “L.A. Beast” takes on the 150 Warhead challenge, which is a apparently a thing. He starts by cramming the super-sour candies into his mouth 10 at a time, while making what scientists call “hurty faces.” You’re probably going to want to skip around this video, as L.A. Beast is a little bit (ok, incredibly) unbearable. Schadenfreude makes a solid appearance at the 8 minute mark when this virtuoso’s mouth starts to literally bleed after Warhead number 86. If you’re really into seeing him squirm, you can check out the aftermath video.

Cupcake Contest Gone Wrong

We aren’t totally certain, but feel comfortable guessing that this is not an official or accredited eating contest that sprung for high end safety personnel and equipment. But that’s only a guess based on the fact that this was apparently filmed with a handicam, and the fact that the man who comes to our choking damsel’s aid does a half-assed Heimlich that ends up with her head being bashed on the counter. So please, make sure that if you’re shoving three cupcakes directly into your esophagus and then drinking water so that they expand in your throat, have someone there who knows that a choking victim doesn’t need any help going unconscious quicker. Don’t worry, she’s alive. We checked. 

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