The Hot 10: Brooke Butler

If you can still look sexy in zombie makeup, you’re doing something right.

Brooke Butler was anything but the average toddler. From wakeboarding at the age of three to landing a role on a stage production of Les Miserables at eight, she proved she was one for a challenge. So it’s only natural that she left her small town life behind in pursuit of bigger dreams in the City of Angels. Soon enough, the beautiful USC grad landed her breakout role – a scantily clad teen equipped with pom-poms and an appetite for flesh – in All Cheerleaders DieNow, she’s taking another bite out of the horror genre in her latest film The Remains, slated for release later this year. Watch out America, this one is ready to scream her way to the top.

In between bungee jumping trips, Brooke talked to Maxim about grapefruits, being competitive, and the f-bomb’s more proper cousin.

I don’t swear. I say ‘friggin’ a lot. In All Cheerleaders, I had all these ‘f-bombs’ that I had to drop when I was auditioning, and I just kept saying friggin’ and the directors thought it was hilarious and they changed all of my “f-bombs” in the script. It worked.

No make-up at all is the sexiest way to go. Hair down, comfy shorts, crop tops, sitting on my couch just reading. I think it’s when a woman is most vulnerable. If a man gets to see you like that, you probably have won her over.

I’m all about the red wine. It may be a little boring, but I grew up in wine country, so I love it.

I think only 2% of the world has green eyes. I have my dad’s eyes, and my favorite body part are my green eyes.

I’m not really into one specific look. For me, it’s more about chemistry and a sense of humor. If my sense of humor connects with yours, I’ll probably fall in love with you.

I do not date often, so it’s a big deal if I do. I love physical activity a lot and being able to just laugh. Maybe take me to the golf range, or laser tag or to go throw a football, something active. I want the competition. Bring it! Don’t bore me.

I have a grapefruit obsession. I literally drink grapefruit juice all day long. It’s a little crazy.

A man has to be a manly man. I like a little scruff, not overly groomed. I think it’s animalistic and sexy. I don’t know if I’m into the whole lumbersexual thing that’s going on right now. I don’t like that, maybe like a 5 o’ clock shadow.

When I was little, my nanny, who was from Italy, raised me for the first six years. She passed away when I was six years old, and she left me her wedding ring. She’s definitely my guardian angel now, and I wear that ring all the time.

My favorite place in the world is on set. I guess I just want to continue to grow as a person, and tell the stories that can change someone’s life the way that it did for me when I was young. I think that they’re certain stories that people were put on the Earth to tell, and I want to find what those are for me.

Photos by David Buchan/Getty Images