In Defense of This Hot Mom Caught Shamelessly Taking Selfies at the Playground

You do you, lady.

There’s a video of a beautiful woman openly photographing herself against the backdrop of a playground currently making the rounds on the internet.

And the internet—surprise—has not been kind. YouTube commenters, always an intelligent and empathetic bunch, seethed that “this is an example of how our society is crumbling” and called her “a narcissistic, self-involved person.”

We at Maxim stand with this hot mom (well, we hope she’s a mom, or doing this all at a playground is kinda weird). The person who should be taking the heat is the unnamed busybody who decided to film this woman taking selfies for nearly a minute and a half. Who cares? She was feeling herself, and watching your kid play at the playground for an extended period of time is probably pretty fucking boring. How does that affect you in any way? 

Let he who has never taken a selfie post the first comment.