Check Out These Steamy Shots From One of the Sexiest Hotels on the Planet

Grab a girl and a passport and get thee to Paris’ Hôtel de JoBo immediately.

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(Photo: Hôtel de JoBo)

Located in an alleyway deep in Paris’ Marais district—the neighborhood of winding streets and medieval architecture where legendary romantic Jim Morrison lived out his final days—Hôtel de JoBo oozes with romance.

Built on the remains of a 17th-century convent (don’t worry, all the nuns are long gone), the boutique property is named after Napoleon’s socialite wife Joséphine Bonaparte, who was basically the Kim Kardashian of the early 1800s. To that end, the hotel maintains a sex symbol-like Instagram account full of pics like this.

And this.

And this.

It’s almost impossible to take a bad picture at Jobo, which explains why all the shots are absolute fire. 

Hidden behind a gorgeous courtyard that would make any woman swoon, the lounge of this 24-room hotel is one of the best places to take a date in a city that is chock-full full of them. With a wide range of artisan cocktails and tasty nibbles, she’ll be asking you to secure a room before long.

As for the rooms, think boudoir-chic. Famed interior designer Bambi Sloan has them decked out with leopard print carpets, old-school lamps and phones, bordello-like wallpaper and flowing curtains that could get anyone in the mood for some Parisian lovin’.

Oh, and if it’s a very special date, we recommend going for the entirely black-and-white junior suite, the steamiest spot in the entire hotel.

(Photo: Hôtel de JoBo)

You won’t be sorry.