We’re Virtually Obsessed with the 10 Sexiest Video Game Actresses Ever

Time for a gaming marathon.

As video game graphics continue evolving toward photorealism, more and more actors and actresses are taking roles in blockbuster games. Here, in particular order, are the hottest ladies who were ahead of the curve and got themselves digitized in video games before it was a cool thing to do.

1. Kristen Bell: Lucy Stillman, Assassin’s Creed Series

Back when Assassin’s Creed’s story was great, Kristen Bell lent her likeness to Lucy Stillman, your girl on the inside, helping you learn the truth about your captivity. It’s one of the first times we pegged an actress from her video game presence, and Ubisoft couldn’t have made a finer choice for the part.

2. Tara Strong: Harley Quinn, Arkham Knight

Harley herself is a tour de force, and the Arkham series never held held her back. Giving her an entire DLC pack all to Harley, and Tara Strong by extension, might have been the best move the series ever made.

3. Camilla Luddington: Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

You may know Camilla from her stint on Californication or Grey’s Anatomy. (We’re hoping it’s the former.) She’s also the voice and, as far as we can tell, the inspiration for Lara Croft’s look in the latest Tomb Raider reboot.

4. Hayden Panettiere: Samantha, Until Dawn

Depending on your feelings towards Hayden, you might be psyched that she lends her likeness to Samantha in the choice-based thriller game Until Dawn, or you might be psyched that her character can die in the game, depending on what you choose to do. That’s called mass appeal.

5. Emily Rose: Elena, Uncharted Series

We finally got a good look at Emily Rose, since the latest Uncharted game’s graphics were so incredible. Not only is her character, Elena, a hottie, she’s also the kind of wife we’d like to have if we spent our time hunting down lost cities and getting into gunfights.

6. Ellen Page: Jodie, Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond was one of Playstation’s most cinematic games ever, so it made sense that Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe tossed in their lot with Quantic Dream to make the game. Jodie’s character, awkward and sad as a youth, turns into a gorgeous but troubled woman deeper in the game.

7. Jessica Alba: Sue Storm, Fantastic Four

This one is cheap, we know, but you always include Jessica Alba when you can. The game was garbage and the graphics are so bad that her Sue Storm is almost unrecognizable, but it’s Jessica Alba, so hush.

8. Aisha Tyler: Herself, Watch Dogs

Aisha is Ubisoft’s wacky spokeslady, and it seems Ubi took that as an opportunity to immortalize her in the techno-thriller, Watch Dogs. She appears as herself, as a hackable NPC in the game, and her likeness is spot on.

9. Eliza Dushku: Megan McQueen, Fight Night Champions

The last Fight Night game actually had a story woven in between the hard-hitting boxing action, and Eliza Dushku made that story infinitely more watchable. We even let her scenes ride out without skipping them. Also, that reminds us…Hey EA! Bring Fight Night back! And bring Ms. Dushku with it.

10. Lynda Carter: Magnolia, Fallout 4

Just in case you didn’t realize it, Wonder Woman was in Fallout 4. She might have been gussied up as a singer named Magnolia (Lynda actually belted out five original songs for her in-game appearance) and you might have met her in a bar. Actually, all that sounds like the stuff fantasies are made of.