House of Cards Parodies Are Our Favorite New Genre

In anticipation of the next season, we’re rounding up every House of Cards send-up we can find.

For all its fourth wall-breaking grit, House of Cards is remarkably silly. Frank Underwood’s exaggerated Southern drawl dares us to burst into laughter every time he turns camera-ward (“I love that woman; I love her more than sharks love blood”). And every nefarious deed he does is slightly more evil than the last, to the point where he’s become a caricature of a villain. These qualities both increase the show’s entertainment value, and make it ripe for parody. A YouTube search for “House of Cards parody” currently yields nearly 3,500 results.

In honor of House of Cards‘ Season 3 release, which we’ll be binge-watching this weekend, like good Americans, we’ve rounded up all several great parodies to come out of it. Frank would not approve.

Comedy Central’s “Animal House of Cards” stars Frank Underwood Jr. as a frat boy with ambition.

Sesame Street produced a G-rated version inspired by the “Three Little Pigs.” Frank is the big bad wolf.

Jimmy Fallon put his own spin on it in “House of Cue Cards,” and didn’t even break once.

College Humor’s Hardly Working doesn’t quite nail Frank Underwood’s accent, but the whole character is an especially hapless version of the real guy.

Quizno’s – yes, really – made a House of Cards and Game of Thrones mashup called House of Thrones. We’d watch that show.

At least Kevin Spacey has a sense of humor about it all, as seen in his White House Correspondent’s Dinner spoof, “House of Nerds.”

Photos by Netflix