How Cristiano Ronaldo Spends His Hard-Earned Money

CR7 just spent a truckload of cash on an apartment in New York City. But does it mean anything? 

The second best soccer player in the world is moving to New York! Or maybe he’s just sightseeing for the weekend. However long Cristiano Ronaldo stays in Manhattan on his next visit, he’ll be able to crash at his own place now that he’s dropped $18.5 million on a loft at Trump Towers.

From the looks of the listing by Warburg Realty, Ronaldo’s new pad is pretty chic: This 2,510 sq. ft., three-bedroom suite, designed by Juan Pablo Monyneux, occupies “arguably one of the best real estate corners in the world, boasting spectacular panoramic views of Central Park to the north, sweeping west to the Hudson River, and then south with breathtaking views of Manhattan’s most iconic buildings,” according to the listing. 

Crazy thing is, that’s not even much cash to Ronaldo. He’s expected to make $80 million this year, meaning this new apartment is costing him about a quarter of his annual income, leaving plenty of money for investmentsdistressed denim and charitable donations

News of CR7’s purchase, which was finalized last Wednesday, has led to speculation that he’s gearing up for a move to Major League Soccer when his contract with Real Madrid ends. But that seems about as likely as Aaron Rodgers leaving the Packers for the Arena League.

This doesn’t seem like a prophetic purchase that points to where Ronaldo will play in the future.  More likely, he just prefers to stay in his own 2,500-square-foot palace when he’s in NYC than some penthouse splattered with the bodily fluids of countless creepy millionaires. Can’t really blame him for that. 

Photos by Angel Martinez/Real Madrid via Getty Images