How To: Lose Your Virginity With John Stamos

On the new Yahoo! original web series Losing It With John Stamos, the host shares celeb tales of love at first thrust. Here’s what he’s learned from all the kissing and telling.

You Don’t Have To Wait For Love

Olivia Munn is really smart and grew up in an Asian culture, and she absolutely didn’t want to have sex until she was in love. On her eighteenth birthday she told her boyfriend, a beefy guy named Broc, that she was ready, and after 40 seconds she was like, ‘That’s it?’ It was very disappointing.”

Don’t Share

“I lost my virginity to my friend’s older sister. She was 27 and I was a not-very-advanced 17-year-old and I thought, hey, if she’ll go for it with me, she’ll do my friends, too. So I brought them back to her place later that night and she’s like, ‘Get the hell out of here.’”

Be Polite

“The way Matt Stone described his experience was that it was just a lovely little evening, and when they finished the girl said thank you, and he said, no, thank you. She must remember him as a sweet guy. I’m going to have to start doing that!”

Get It Over With

“My first time was fast and furious and once it was done I remember thinking, this is what the world revolves around? I mean, now I get it, but it could’ve been worth it to pull a Michael Ian Black. He lost his virginity when he was 14, just to be the first dude in his group of friends to do it and get it out of the way.”

Photos by Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013