How to Make the Most of Jameis Winston’s $32.72 in Stolen Crab Legs

Chef Jason Lux reveals how the football player might have enjoyed his seafood…if only he’d paid for it first.

Don’t know why, but for some reason we’ve got a hankering for a crab leg dinner tonight. Maybe the six-inch deluge of rain last night here in New York got us thinking we might all become sea creatures pretty soon. Or maybe it’s the blessed approach of grilling season. But more likely, it’s that FSU quarterback Jameis Winston is accused of “forgetting” to pay for his $32.72 deli order of crab legs and crawfish at a Publix supermarket in Tallahassee yesterday. Say this for the Heisman Trophy winner, though: He knows how to shoplift, er, shop for a bargain. A call to Publix revealed that Alaskan king crab legs are, in fact, on special this week for $15.99 per pound.

Our next call was to Jason Lux, executive chef at Brooklyn Crab in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We asked him about the best way to prepare two pounds of king crab. Turns out it’s pretty simple. “Well, you steam it for about 8 to 10 minutes, or you could boil it for about 4 to 5. I probably would go with boiling. Just keep an eye. If you overdo it, the shell will start getting soft.”

Would he recommend using any kind of special sauce? “No, I’m kind of a crab purist. Just use a little clarified butter. You could put a little garlic in it.”

How many people would two pounds of crab legs feed? Three? Four?

“No way! Our servings are about a pound and a quarter. Remember, there’s a lot of shell. Two pounds is good for maybe two people.”

Or perhaps one really, really hungry college athlete.

Photos by (left) John Pyle / CSM / Landov (right)