How Mayweather or Pacquiao Could Win the Fight of the Century

The ESPN boxing analyst and world-class trainer Teddy Atlas breaks down Mayweather and Pacquiao’s path to victory.

No one knows modern boxing better than Teddy Atlas. The trainer and commentator has sat in the corner for countless title fights and his fiery analysis  has punctuated almost every huge bout of the last twenty years. Mr. Atlas broke down the fight for Maxim, predicting how each fighter could win, and who he believes will be victorious in “The Fight of The Century.” 

How Mayweather Can Win

“Mayweather can win by counterpunching—turning defense into offense. He’s a defensive fighter who takes advantage of his opponent’s mistakes. Mayweather will look to counterpunch Pacquiao with timed, lead rights when Pacquiao gets reckless with his aggression. Mayweather will step back and create a gap, enticing Pacquiao to come in. He can capitalize on those gaps with right hands.”

How Pacquiao Can Win

“Pacquiao is coming to the dance with what got him there—hand speed, combination punching, and quick feet. He’ll counterpunch the counterpuncher. Give a little feint so Mayweather throws his right too early, and then counter with his left, the power hand for a southpaw. Mayweather can get intoxicated with his defensive skills and can go on the defensive for too long. Pacquiao can get to him in those moments.”

Teddy’s Prediction: Pacquiao by decision

“Pacquiao will have more chances to outwork and outhustle Floyd.”