How Much Would You Pay For a Private Jet Fully Stocked with Al Pacino?

 $450 a minute? Because that’s how much it costs. 

Al Pacino is a great American actor. From The Godfather, to Scarface, and even Any Given Sunday, he’s given us a ton of memorable performances. You would gladly pay admission to see Mr. Pacino in a film or even on stage. But what about a private audience with Mr. Pacino himself 30,000 feet in the air? How much would you pay for that?

If the answer is $41,500 for a 90 minute flight, then you’re in luck. Fans can now pay that amount to accompany Mr. Pacino from Scotland to England as he goes on a speaking tour of the United Kingdom. That breaks down to roughly $450/minute with Mr. Scarface himself, awkwardly making small talk aboard a luxury jet. 

If that’s not enough to sate your Pacino hunger, you can also fork over an extra $4,150, which features 20 minutes alone with Pacino in his dressing room. Because if you’re truly a Pacino buff, you’ve got to see him in the buff. 

Photos by Victoria Will/Invision/AP