How Rob Delaney Went from Twitter Hero to TV Star

The comedian with Twitter roots teamed up with the hilarious Sharon Horgan to create “Catastrophe.”

There’s nothing like an unplanned pregnancy for turning the wildest of no-strings sexual dalliances into a sticky emotional, logistical, and financial entanglement. That’s the premise of “Catastrophe,” a delightfully vulgar comedy series created by and starring Sharon Horgan and Twitter superhero Rob Delaney. The show aired to wild praise on Channel 4 in the U.K. and hits Amazon Prime for domestic binge-watching this summer.

The humor is aggressively depraved, the dialogue peppered with f-bombs and c-bombs. As to how the British show’s humor will resonate with American viewers, Delaney says, “Funny is funny. If you want to be professionally funny, you’d better transcend geography.” The U.K.’s liberal television guidelines were a great fit for Delaney’s comedic sensibilities, which are well known to Twitter users, more than a million of whom follow him for observations like this: “Cheap date idea: Cut open a pack of hot dogs & squeeze the juice over your lover’s body, then summon a peregrine falcon with your mind.”

Delaney and Horgan actually met via the social media platform before they started writing the show together back in 2012. She’s a seasoned comedian and TV writer, responsible for the critically acclaimed “Pulling;” together, they make a formidably filthy team.

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