This is How Much Strength You Need to Curl a Chopper Like Captain America

Don’t try this at home.

He may not be green or wield a mystic hammer, but Steve Rogers is one BAMF. The rogue leader of the Avengers, Captain America is capable of demolishing opponents with one punch courtesy of his melon-sized biceps. Thanks to super soldier serum, the scrawny Brooklyn kid turned badass superhero has the ability to do just about whatever he wants — like essentially curl a goddamn helicopter.

Captain America: Civil War saw Steve in pursuit of his best friend turned murderous assassin Bucky Barnes (a.k.a. the Winter Soldier), and after coming up a little short on the roof of a building, Cap felt the only solution was one that potentially could have split him in half. With one hand on the helipad and the other gripping a helicopter skid, he pulled with all his strength before essentially flipping the approximately 3000 pound helicopter back in place. According to research conducted by Nerdist, that’s roughly 10 times the pulling power of your average Joe. This means is that the powerful patriot would have to be capable of lifting way more than those 3000 lbs to hold that chopper down.

We knew Captain America was strong, but not that strong. Who needs a weapon when you’ve got super-powered fists like that?