How To Take Off a Multimillion-Dollar Bra

This month Victoria’s Secret will debut its 18th bejeweled Fantasy Bra, worth $5 million. Here’s how to take it off her.

1. After a few minutes of kissing, slip your hand under her shirt and softly whisper, “Your bra isn’t the only thing that can cut glass right now.”

2. The clasp can be tricky to unhook. Ask the security guard standing nearby for a hand. 

3. With steady hands, delicately remove the bra. Admire your date’s breas…Oh, my God, look at those sparkles!

4. Thank her for an amazing evening. And since a woman wearing a $5 million bra could attract the attention of nefarious street thugs, do the gentlemanly thing and offer to wear it home for her.

Photos by Kevin Mazur / WireImage | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013