Watch This Video To Learn How to Cook Any Cut of Steak Absolutely Perfectly

Warning: This will make you hungry.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Cooking steak—dirt simple, right? Get your cut of meat, salt and pepper, heat oil in a pan, slap it down, heat till ready. Okay, while it is pretty simple, there are many subtleties you maybe don’t know about involved in selecting, prepping, and cooking various cuts. 

In this excellent video from the folks at BuzzFeed, we learn the ins and outs of bringing a cheap cut from shelf to plate, as well as an expensive cut. 

Yummy Steak
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The presentation begins with inexpensive flap steak. It demonstrates what to look for when examining a cut in the store—proper marbling, etc. Then the video takes the viewer through pan-searing the cut after marinating it with black pepper, garlic, and soy sauce. Detailed instructions are on the video’s home page. 

They include some elements of delivering a really tasty meal that dad may not bother with when he’s grilling before the game: being sure to pat the cut dry after marinating, flipping the meat pretty frequently, then letting it rest up to 10 minutes. 


The second part covers making reverse-seared ribeye, a much more pricey selection. Many of the instructions are similar, but you definitely don’t approach these steaks in exactly the same way, not if you want to get the best meal possible when you sit down to eat. The ribeye marinates for a longer period of time, and the entire approach to heating the meat is different from the flap steak. 

If nothing else, this video may end up making you crazy hungry and you’ll just end up going out and ordering a steak.

But it can also give you a great leg up on other guys if you’re dating. Women love a man who knows his way around the kitchen—especially if he’s clearly got a knack for correctly seasoning the meat.