Here’s How To Make The Big Kahuna Burger From ‘Pulp Fiction’

“This IS a tasty burger!”

Forget about the Royale with Cheese—the tastiest burger in Pulp Fiction is definitely the Big Kahuna burger that poor Brett is eating before Jules Winnfield mercilessly guns him down in the beginning of the movie.

Now YouTube chef Andrew Rea has gloriously recreated the cinematic sandwich in his latest “Binging With Babish” video. Watch as Rea transforms the humble fast food burger into an upgraded Hawaiian-style delicacy by smashing ground beef in a smoking hot cast iron pan (just like they do at Shake Shack and In-And-Out), caramelizing pineapple in butter, slapping on some Monterey Jack and toasting a King’s Hawaiian roll.

Then revisit the original scene here:

As Jules would say, “This IS a tasty burger!”

Tarantino obsessives take note: the Big Kahuna is something of a culinary mainstay in the Q.T. universe. Besides Pulp Fiction, the Kahuna gets shout-outs in Death Proof, Four Rooms, and Reservoir Dogs, as well as Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn. Isn’t it time you tried one for yourself?