How Will Rookie QBs Fare in the NFL?

We break down the noobs, one by one.

We break down the noobs, one by one. 

(Photo: Justin K. Aller / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013)

No player in team sports has more impact on a team’s bottom line than an NFL quarterback.

An ace starting pitcher only plays every fifth game. A great goaltender can only stand on his head for so long. A star point guard can’t do all the passing and all the shooting. A modern professional quarterback, though, holds the entire offense in his hand.

For many years, rookie quarterbacks weren’t given the opportunity to play right away. Only the most outstanding prospects—or those on teams without any other option—would be trusted with the ball. Now? Many are thrown into the fire, given one chance to either be forged into sterner stuff or melt.

This year’s rookie class, though, is an exception to the recent trend. Unlike in 2011, when so many quarterbacks were drafted early and dropped into the deep end, 2013 rookies slid down draft boards and often landed on teams with solid starters in place.

Which rookies will bubble up to the top of the depth chart? Which rookies will be given chances to prove themselves? Of the ones that get on the field, how will they do?

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