The Hugging Birthday Chair & 4 Other Things You May Have Missed!

Social media commentator Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending this week. [July 6 – July 12]

[1] Outback Steakhouse is diving “full-boar” into social media with the introduction of the Outback B-Day chair, which hugs patrons every time they get a birthday wish on Facebook.

Outback, if you want a social media uptick that works with your product, how about a chair that resuscitates people in the middle of a calorie-induced cardiac arrest?

[2] If you ever dreamt that you were in a shitty boy band and had thousands of girls screaming outside of a coliseum in Italy hoping for a glimpse of you, this is the Vine video for you.

It’s so weird, I have this dream almost every night, except in my dream I’m not wearing pants, and the thousands of girls are replaced by my 65-year-old



grade French teacher. There’s still a lot of screaming, though.

[3] On July 8, Google marked the 66th anniversary of the Roswell incident, in which a Roswell, New Mexico, rancher supposedly found a downed flying saucer on his property. It’s reported that the saucer was quickly confiscated by Army officials and taken away, leaving in its trail one of the most well know extraterrestrial conspiracy theories of our time.

As farfetched as an alien spaceship crash landing on Earth is, I find that story way more believable than

the bogus sincerity that is spewing from Elizabeth Hasselback as she announced she is leaving The View


[4] Lady Gaga pulled a Twitter stunt in an attempt to draw attention to her new album due out soon (called ARTPOP). She returned her avatar to the default egg and posted that her Twitter account is temporarily ‘out of service,’ making her little monsters go gaga.

We’re guessing basketball pro Lamar Odom is a huge Gaga fan – what other reason could there be for his recent crazy assault on the papa-paparazzi?

[5] Some trends just refuse to die, it seems: McDiving – where patrons dive from the front of the cash registers over the service counter into the workspace of the employees – is making a comeback among students.

At Maxim, McDiving involves a drunk Irishman and a swimming pool. This is also a pretty solid description of our ideas meetings.

Keith runs marketing for the Social Media Network, Yappem.

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