Here’s Why the Hulk Won’t Be in Captain America: Civil War

“Hulk smash” gets put on pause.

After Bruce Banner’s angry alter-ego hopped on a jet out of Dodge in Avengers: Age of Ultron, rumors swirled around that he’d be back to smash again in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. The film’s being slated as a pre-Avengers 3 and, with a cast so stacked, it’s almost offensive to leave anyone out. With leaked trailers and posters popping up following the recent Disney Expo, the Hulk was nowhere to be seen, leading to our big question: will we or will we not see Hulk smash?

Mark Ruffalo cleared the air in his latest interview, stating that the reason for his lack of appearance is due to Marvel having very big plans for the Green Giant — but not just yet. The character was set to land down at some point during the events of Civil War, but it was ultimately decided against and he was taken out. We can’t say we’re mad though. If Hulk were to show up in the film, it’d be obvious that his allegiance would lie with Tony Stark due to his newly found love interest Natasha standing strong with Team Iron Man. Plus, we’d feel a little bad for the members of Team Captain America. Have you seen the guy?