WATCH: Mind-Bending Trailer for Stephen King Miniseries ‘11.22.63’

J. J. Abrams and Hulu have struck gold.

Stephen King screen adaptions had a heyday in the 1980s but have struggled to find their footing since. Mastermind J.J. Abrams, however, may have struck gold with Hulu’s original content platform.

The first trailer for 11.22.63 just hit the Web, and it looks like the show will give Hulu a major leg-up in the race for streaming supremacy.

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Inspired by the 2011 King novel, the eight-episode miniseries trails a schoolteacher (James Franco) who travels back in time to stop the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He must then grapple with increasingly bizarre and macabre events, warning that the past does not want to be changed (not by James Franco, at least).

The talent behind the adaptation is as impressive as its production value. According to Entertainment Weekly, it shot on location in Dealey Plaza in Dallas and inside assassin Lee Harvey Oswald’s apartment building.

The mind-bending miniseries will have its Hulu debut this President’s Day, February 15. We are plotting our “Hulu and Hang” accordingly. 

h/t Entertainment Weekly