This Hungry Dude Hid In A Restaurant Overnight and Devoured All the Food

The definition of late-night munchies.

Resident lard-ass of Prague took a bite out of the city when he camped out in a restaurant’s bathroom, only to emerge after closing time to feast on enough food to feed a hippo.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t all their food, but it seriously was a lot. Once the lights were off and the coast was clear, Mr. Hungry emerged from the crapper like a smell that lingered just a little too long, and got his grub on. He gorged himself on $800 worth of food and demolished six geese, three ducks, 13 pounds of goose fat and liver, and a gallon jar of pickles. He probably popped a few antacids too, before washing it all down with lots of wine.

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After his feast, the ravenous robber made himself a nice doggy bag of beer and strawberry cake in case he got peckish later. He also rifled through the bar and employee lockers for some petty cash, and packed up a pair of chef’s pants and a coffee pot to take home.

He apparently hoped to sneak out in the morning, but was arrested after the cleaning lady caught him in the kitchen around 9 a.m. “We can say that he feasted like a king,” police spokesman Tomáš Hulan told the Prague Post. Obviously, he didn’t finish all of the food because he probably would have exploded, and police say the partially eaten poultry can no longer be served to customers.

Hopefully the delicious midnight buffet was worth it, because the gourmand bandit now faces up to two years behind bars, where he can only dream of fine food like that.

Photos by William Lingwood / Getty Images