Your Favorite Blue Booze is Making a Comeback

Find out how the makers of Hpnotiq are enlisting the help of the Hip-Hop community to pour one out again. 

The drink of choice for rappers in the early aughts, Hpnotiq fell off the map when celebrities like Kanye West, P Diddy, and Lil Wayne  moved on to the next big thing to fill their cups with at the club. Thankfully, the blue booze that mixes vodka with fruit juice and cognac is coming back around.

The makers of Hpnotiq are enlisting the help of Cam’ron, artist Naturel, Yung Jake, and New York-based DJ and entrepreneur Va$htie Kola for a full brand makeover intended to introduce the beverage to a whole new generation. 

That’s definitely something to look forward to, as there can never be enough party bar options when you’re out and about, but no matter how excited you are to get your hands on some Hpnotiq, please don’t do what this guy did:

Photos by Denise Truscello/WireImage