Screenwriter of ‘Idiocracy’ Worries That His Political Satire Is Coming True

He may have a point.

Idiocracy was a 2006 satirical sci-fi Mike Judge comedy starring Luke Wilson. It was co-written with Judge by screenwriter Etan Cohen and told the story of a soldier who was trapped in suspended animation only to be revived 500 years later in an America that had devolved to a population of brand-worshipping, low-IQ nimrods. 

It came across like a pretty ornate satire at the time of release, with ludicrous features like Terry Crews as a machine gun wielding, weird hair-having President Camacho. Etan Cohen, however, has recently concluded his crazy film from a decade ago was eerily prescient:

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A Twitter follower noted that Cohen must have expected some of what he and Judge wrote to come true in a way, and he replied that he “thought the worst thing that would come true was everyone wearing Crocs.”

In a political season where an avowed socialist is making a strong run on one side of the political aisle and a billionaire real estate magnate and reality TV star is leading the pack on the other side by bringing a Bulworth-level frankness to the dialogue as well as red ball caps with pithy sayings, it’s easy to see that Cohen isn’t exactly joking, and may have a point. 

Everyone wearing Crocs would’ve been pretty terrible too, though. 

h/t The Hill