An Idiot’s Guide to Romance

Stuck for something to read this weekend? Problem solved.

Maxim contributor Davy Rothbart is a man of many hats: creator of Found mangazine, filmmaker, raconteur and traveler. He’s also a generally awesome dude. But then, there are lots of awesome dudes out there, and that doesn’t mean you should pick up their books. However, Davy’s new collection of essays, My Heart is an Idiot, is a must-read for anyone who’s been mixed up in love, or anyone who just wants to laugh cringingly at someone else’s misfortune.

As you would expect from a guy who founded a magazine based on the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life, and the stories these bits of detritus tell, Davy is a gatherer of stories and characters, a guy who will make friends with strangers, turn them into friends, and compel them to open up. The result of this magpie-like approach to life is a collection of tales at once bittersweet and hilarious.

Not content to merely sit back and rest on his laurels, Davy is currently embarked on a (frankly insane) 79-city tour with his brother Peter, celebrating My Heart is an Idiot, Peter’s new album “You Are What You Dream”, and the 10th anniversary of Found. Night after night, Davy reads stories from his new book, like “What Are You Wearing?” – a tale of phone sex, mistaken identity and….well, just read the fucking thing — Peter plays songs based  on various Found finds, and the audience is welcomed into the weird world of these misplaced scraps of nostalgia. Like the letter that reads, “Dear Ron, I love you, but things have not been the same since we found out we were related.”

We went to a reading just the other night, and trust us, it’s a boozy good time, so you won’t want to miss it if he’s rolling into your town. And given all the spots he’s hitting up, he probably will be.

And if you’re not convinced yet, maybe one of these videos will help:

Want to just read funny stuff right now? Here you go.

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