James Bond Producers Reportedly Leaning Towards Idris Elba as the Next 007

We’re all for this.

(Photos: MGM & Maxim)

The producers and creators of the James Bond franchise are finally ready to make a bold move. 


Now, new reports indicate that Barbara Broccoli — the producer of the fictional spy series and not a member of the Veggie Tales gang — is eager to not only cast a black actor in the role of the super spy, but wants Idris Elba for the role. As the Independent reports:

Director Antoine Fuqua revealed the details of a conversation with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, in which she said “it is time” for a non-white actor to take on the iconic role. Fuqua discussed who might be next in the running with Broccoli, who’s certain the progressive move “will happen eventually”, with Idris Elba a reported frontrunner for the role.

Elba seems perfect for the role, being a retired kickboxer, amateur race-car driver, a box-office draw and household name. Critics believe his age could the only thing working against him. Elba is 45 right now, though Roger Moore was the same age when he first took over as Bond in Live and Let Die.

James Bond is still the most coveted roles in cinema.

Playing Jason Bourne would be kinda fun, and putting on tights to portray any member of the Marvel Universe could set an actor up for life, but the fictional name of James Bond on a resume has gravitas.

Of course, Elba also holds the distinction of being the first male on the cover of Maxim.

Here’s look at all the fun crap the actors who score the role get to pretend with.

The part is so significant that some actors openly admit they want to be Bond and former 007s even put in their two cents when it comes to casting choices.

Alas, a rep for Fuqua told The Hollywood Reporter the juicy rumors were unfounded.

“He never had a conversation with Barbara about the franchise or about any casting. It’s all made up stuff. Not sure how it got started,” the rep told The Hollywood Reporter.

A rep for Elba declined comment, but a knowledgeable source says no one from Elba’s team is aware of any overtures.

Elba, best known for starring roles in TV dramas The Wire and Luther, got in on the fun on Sunday with two cryptic tweets seemingly addressing the situation.

Even if Elba does start taking his martinis “shaken and not stirred” on the big screen, it wouldn’t be for a few years. Daniel Craig is being paid handsomely to reprise the role in the yet-to-be-titled “Bond 25″ film.

Thankfully, all that money kept Craig from slashing his wrists at the thought of playing Bond one more time.