Idris Elba Breaks Down Rainbow Six Siege’s Gameplay Mechanics In This Live-Action Trailer

Tom Clancy’s latest game gets a l ittle more dapper. 

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is another triple-A release being trotted out this holiday season, joining the cavalcade of other titles that have all but assaulted our wallets and game systems. There’s a brand new TV spot making the rounds now for the upcoming Ubisoft title, and it features none other than Maxim cover man extraordinaire Idris Elba.

In the commercial Idris leads players through defending player bases from others leading a siege on their stronghold, showing off the destructible environments found within the game and how drastically things can change from one moment to the next. This squad-based shooter relies on strategic maneuvers you’ve got to plan out with your teammates, making this game more than just a collection of Team Deathmatches or Capture the Flag spinoffs.

Elba is also featured in a set of other videos from Ubisoft that detail several of the other game mechanics from Rainbow Six Siege, some of which aren’t out just yet, but there’s plenty here to get you pumped for the game.

Rainbow Six Siege releases December 1 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, but you can get in on the Open Beta beginning November 25 and going on through November 29.