Iggy Pop Stripped Down For a Life Drawing Class

The legendary musician showed off his assets — for art.


Last Sunday, Iggy Pop got naked for 21 lucky New York artists. While the 68-year-old punk icon will release his 17th record, Post Pop Depression next month, he’s also proving his talents go beyond the music scene (and wearing fur coats). 

The legendary musician worked with British artist Jeremy Deller for a nude figure drawing class with 21 artists selected by Deller and Sharon Matt Atkins of the Brooklyn Museum. After the drawings were complete, they were collected to be shown in an upcoming Brooklyn Museum exhibit called “Iggy Pop Life Class” that will go on display the fall. Afterwards, the show will go on tour around the country. 

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(Photo: Elena Olivo/Brooklyn Museum)

If you want to know more about the project, click here

h/t Dazed Digital