WATCH: Pianist Plays John Lennon’s “Imagine” Outside Site of Paris Attack

The man is already being celebrated across social media.

Still reeling from the horror of Friday night, hundreds of Parisians congregated outside the Bataclan Concert Hall to offer flowers and tributes to those slain in the attacks. While the mood outside the concert venue where the deadliest massacre took place has mostly been one of sorrow, one person did leave mourners with a glimmer of hope.

A man pulled up to the grief-stricken crowd with a black piano with a white peace sign painted on its lid. As onlookers gathered around, the musician began a muted rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” an enduring ode to peace and nonviolence. The crowd was visibly moved, many brushing away tears and applauding after the set.

While the man has yet to be identified, he has been widely celebrated across social media for lifting spirits after 129 people were killed in the barbaric attacks on the French capital.

Video of the rendition harks back to the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, when footage of a crowd singing “Imagine” at a rally in Paris similarly went viral.