Watch the Haunting and Creepy Trailer For Stephen King’s ‘1922’

Just in time for Halloween.

Promo stephen king 1922
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Thomas Jane is almost unrecognizable and thoroughly convincing as a hard-shelled farmer who is haunted by his previous sins in the new Netflix trailer for 1922.

The movie is based on a short novel by Stephen King, about a Nebraska farmer who confesses to killing his wife when she tries to leave him. What begins as a conventional murder tale spirals into something far creepier. 

It involves a plague of rats and some skin-crawling moments with what may or may not be the wife’s ghost.

This Halloween season is basically turning into a Stephen King festival, considering the new film adaptation of his mega-novel IT rapidly became the biggest horror blockbuster of all time. That seems appropriate given the author turns 70 this year.

But we’d like to go a night or two without some King-inspired nightmares, eventually.

1922 is out on October 20, and will only be available on Netflix.

h/t Rolling Stone