Indie Band Vulfpeck Finds Spotify Loophole, Exploits It in Most Awesome Way Ever

Stream the sounds of silence while you sleep now, and go to a free concert later.

Indie funk/jazz/jam/instrumental quartet Vulfpeck may have just found a foolproof way to offer fans free tickets to their shows forever. The band hopes that Sleepify – their half-album, half-Spotify-scamming mechanism – will allow for their upcoming tour to be paid in full by the Man, and we have to admit, the idea is brilliant.

AsVulfpeck’s Jack Stratton explains, the Sleepify concept is quite simple. Spotify shells out a whopping half a cent each time an artist’s song gets played. Stratton and the gang figured they could game this system by putting out an album made up entirely of silence. The band then pleaded for the world to stream the album repeatedly, perhaps right before they go to bed, which could potentially generate enough revenue for Vulfpeck to tour without charging their loving fans for tickets. As an added bonus, they’ll choose what cities to play based on which regions stream Sleepify the most. How thoughtful. However this awesome stunt shakes out in the end, you’ve got to respect Vulfpeck’s ingenuity.