Inside Out Trailer Breakdown


From WWE Studios, comes the story of an ex-con with a heart of gold who’s doing his best not to go straight to DVD. Let’s take a look.

:08 - This is Michael Rapaport. He talks like how people think New Yorkers sound.

:12 - This is wrestler Triple H, probably the only person currently working in Hollywood today who is rocking a ponytail. Who was the last male movie star to appear in a feature film with a ponytail? At least one who wasn’t playing “Chinese Henchman #2,” that is? Steven Seagal, maybe? But what are the studio execs going to do? Tell Triple H to cut it? Hell, no. They’re clearly scared of him.

:15 - Serious moob alert.

:42 - This is Parker Posey. She is often referred to as “The Queen of the Indies.” Not anymore, we guess.

:55 - Is it just us or are these guys the least threatening villains in the history of moviedom? You’ve got Bruce Dern, who looks like a kindly grandpa from a medication commercial. Then you’ve got whoever that Danny Devito sidekick guy is. Then there’s the guy that Michael Rapaport shoots. That dude is wearing a sweater vest. A sweater vest!

1:51 - Oh, yeah! You know in a movie when someone says that they’re “out” or that “they don’t do that anymore,” it won’t be but one reel before they’re right back to it. In this trailer, it took all of 61 seconds. Were you surprised when when Triple H wrapped his hands in cardboard and started beating ass?

2:00 - Uh oh. Looks like someone just blew up Merlotte’s bar from True Blood.

2:05 - The titles come together in a way that makes you think “Out Inside” is supposed to mean something just as profound as “Inside Out.” But what? “Out Inside?” Is that a prison thing?

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