Inside The Luxury Airbnb From Netflix’s ‘Leave The World Behind’

Take a closer look at the 5,200-square-foot abode where Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, Mahershala Ali and Myha’la await the end of the world.

Leave the World Behind—the sci-fi thriller that’s currently topping Netflix’s most-watched movie charts despite its divisive ending—is set on some seriously prime New York real estate courtesy of a notably luxe Airbnb. The movie’s 5,200-square-foot modern farmhouse in Old Westbury, a village on Long Island’s tony North Shore, looks to be an ideal place to wait out an impending apocalypse.

Sam Esmail’s film adaptation of Rumaan Alam’s 2020 novel follows husband and wife Clay and Amanda (Ethan Hawke and Julia Roberts) along with their teenage kids Rose and Archie (Farrah Mackenzie and Charlie Evans), who have rented a vacation home from father and daughter G.H. and Ruth (Mahershala Ali and Myha’la), who later show up in the middle of the night after an apparent cyberattack causes a blackout in Manhattan.

Curbed reports that John Patrick Winberry, a partner at Long Island City design firm The Up Studio, “removed the restrictions of a traditionally laid out home”—with a foyer and rooms to the left and right—and “cut off the back of this house and rotated it 90 degrees,” essentially breaking the layout wide open and creating an L-shape that allowed “a full day of light to come into every space in the house.”

The sprawling home, completed in 2019, was dubbed the “Open Corner House,” and Curbed notes how the luxe appointments played well with the movie’s plot:

Oil rigs barrel into the shoreline, planes fall from the sky, and sonic booms pierce the sound barrier while they lounge anxiously near an infinity-edge pool with deep turquoise water, compare worldviews in a kitchen appointed with warm woods and thickly veined marble, and fill clawfoot bathtubs with water in a useless gesture at disaster preparedness.

The stunning L-shaped abode features that aforementioned infinity pool along with floor-to-ceiling windows, art-bedecked walls, and white brick façade. “It’s not a cozy house, but you don’t expect things will go wrong when you step into that place,” production designer Anastasia White tells Curbed.  

Check out photos of the baller Airbnb above, along with the film’s Netflix trailer.