Inspector Gadget and DuckTales Come Back From the Dead

Childhood memories make for big business.

In an apparent effort to make us realize just how damn old we are, both Netflix and Disney announced today that they’ll be rebooting some of our childhood favorites.

According to USA Today, Netflix is bringing back Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse. The former, which aired in 1983 as an animated series and in 1999 as a movie starring Matthew Broderick, will get a 26-episode reboot. The Inspector’s gadgets will be improved to meet 2015 standards, though we’re not quite sure what to expect. (Personal drones? An Oculus Rift?) The British series Danger Mouse, a Nickelodeon staple from 1982-1992, will also be back with 26 episodes in Spring 2016.

Meanwhile, Disney announced plans to revive DuckTales, the 1987-1990 series about the antics of Uncle Scrooge McDuck and his nephews in Duckburg (with a notably obnoxious, catchy theme song). 

We’re pulling for Nickelodeon to break some Aaahh!!! Real Monsters or live-action Doug revival news later this afternoon.