Watch The Action-Packed First Trailer For ‘American Assassin’

This looks killer.

Michael Keaton is coming back to action films and it looks like he’s doing it right with his role in American Assassin, starring Maze Runner lead Dylan O’Brien. 

As this trailer indicates, Keaton plays Stan Hurley, a hard-edged Cold War vet who trains recruits for a CIA black ops program. O’Brien is Mitch Rapp—a vengeance-driven young man who’s been recruited for Keaton’s training by CIA Deputy Director Irene Kennedy (Sanaa Lathan). 

Michael Keaton in American Assassin
Michael Keaton is about to teach this guy how to kill.

According to the CBS Films synopsis, after Mitch receives his training, he and Keaton’s Stan Hurley “investigate a wave of apparently random attacks on both military and civilian targets.” They then find that they have to stop efforts by an operative played by Taylor Kitsch, who is bent on “starting a World War in the Middle East.”

The film is an adaptation of Vince Flynn’s novel with the same title and the trailer looked so good I bought the novel after I watched it.

American Assassin blasts its way into theaters on September 15.